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This hot dancer wears a minidress with shiny suntan PH and anklestrap heels. She struts around smiling and pulling her dress up to show you her legs. Lying back she poses and stretches her legs nice and slow before undoing her anklestraps so she can dangle her heels as she stretches her legs out. Letting the heels drop she pointes her pretty size 6’s with silver polish at the camera, stands on her toes and flexes her lovely feet, then gets on the floor to pose and point her pretty legs and feet in a variety of great positions. Getting up she slowly arches and flexes her feet as she poses and walks around on her tip toes showcasing her gorgeous toned legs and ass as well.

Next she tries on clear open toe platforms to continue her mesmerizing tease as she looks at you. Sitting back she rips the hose from her feet to show you one bare and one nylon foot as she poses some more. Next we see her in pink low heel anklestrap sandals with a black garter belt and bra! She shows her bare feet and legs off for a bit as she dangles the heels off then tries on black FF stockings!

Slowly she bends over and poses then tries on high black patent pumps that she dangles a bit as well. Getting up she bends over and poses briefly then slips the heels off to arch and flex her feet some more nice and slow as she bends over and poses before getting on the floor to tease with great pointing and arching till the end.

54 minutes. No nudity. Order code GIAF