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Miko Sinz


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Asian Miko wears shiny beige STW PH with a dress and high black pumps! She talks to you as she shows off her gorgeous legs and ass as she models, bends over and lifts her skirt up and down to show you her cotton panel. Sitting down she crosses and uncrosses her legs and slowly dangles the heels off as she talks to you.
Next she tries on black open toe slides and takes off her dress to show off in her bra, PH and heels nice and slow with great bending over and leg posing. Kicking off the shoes she slides her legs and feet together till she gets up to take off her bra and show you her nice little boobs and athletic body.

She tries on black short shorts with the pumps for a bit till we see her trying on a pair of shiny dark brown STW PH for more bending over and leg posing till she tries on a pair of bronze open toe slides! She crosses and slides her legs together some more and bends over before lying back to rub at her cotton panel as she talks to you. Next she gets a toy and rubs it against her cotton panel. Ripping a hole, she masturbates in a couple positions till the end.

52 minutes. Order code MIKO-D