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This mature exotic dancer blond wears a short skirt with brown shiny PH and black pumps! She poses, bends over and models over the camera showing her cotton panel and control top hose before sitting down for more upskirt peeks and leg crossing. Getting up again she bends over and models some more then goes back to the couch to rub at her cotton panel and stretch her legs out.

She takes her outfit off to show off in her bra, PH and heels as she talks softly. Taking her bra off she shows off her large boobs and nipple rings and poses some more on the couch rubbing at her cotton panel. Taking the heels off she poses and rubs at her cotton panel some more which is now wet!

After a while she tries on black STW no cotton panel PH and continues rubbing at her pussy as she talks to you. Getting a vibrator she rubs it on her nylons then slips her heels back on to stand and rub at her crotch some more. Getting on the couch she grinds her pussy against the hose as she rubs the vibrator then tears open her crotch to get off in a couple positions becoming visibly wet.

49 Mins. Order code EDV-D