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This hottie wears a micro miniskirt with shiny suntan PH and high black pumps! She talks to you as she caresses her pretty legs and models over the camera showing off her sheer cotton panel and black lacy panties. Bending over she shows off her gorgeous ass and legs nice and slow as she talks to you. Sitting down she poses and crosses her legs and slips a shoe off to rub her pretty foot against her leg briefly. Slipping it back on again she rubs at her crotch as she talks more and rips a run in her leg.

Taking off her top she reveals a nice lacy bra as she rubs at her crotch and poses some more. On the bed she poses her legs in the air and kicks the heels off to show off her feet a bit as well. Taking off the skirt she shows off her gorgeous ass and legs before taking the bra off to show you her big sexy tits as well. Pulling her PH down her thighs she shows off her nice shaven pussy and poses her legs in the air.

Next she tries on shiny brown STW PH for more bending over and posing till she gets her glass dildo to rub against her cotton panel as she talks dirty to you. Ripping a small hole she fingers and dildos herself to a loud orgasm as she talks dirty.

52 minutes. Order code MONI-D