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This hot Latina wears a pink school girl skirt with black PH and clear platform slides! She talks to you as she poses her legs nice and slow and pulls her dress up and down showing you her STW hose and sexy ass. On the bed she poses her legs in the air and sits up to cross and uncross her legs as she smiles and teasingly talks to you. Squatting on the floor she gives more peeks at her cotton panel and stretches her legs out at you off the edge of the bed for some nice upskirt peeking.

Getting up she models over the camera and bends over some more till she slips the skirt off and tries on pink hot pants to tease with more great bending over and posing. After a while she takes off her top to show off her large lovely boobs. Slipping her heels off she lays back to stretch and pose her legs nice and slow before taking the shorts and PH off.

Next she tries on shiny suntan STW with no cotton panel! She slips the heels back on to pose some more and rub at her nylon covered pussy under and over the hose. Bending over the bed she gyrates her hips so her crotch rubs against the nylons and poses some more before getting a glass dildo to rub on her PH. Slipping her heels off she lays back and pokes a hole to masturbate through in a couple positions to a loud climax.
56 mins. Order code SHY-D