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Sexy Tammy wears a white dress with shiny brown PH and white pumps! She talks about how she likes PH as she caresses and shows off her pretty legs long and slow! She dangles her shoes a bit as well then takes one off to pose her leg in the air and point her toes! Getting up she pulls her dress up and down and shows off her cotton panel and thong-style control top. Slowly she takes off the dress revealing her sexy body! Getting on the couch she poses in her heels and hose then slips off her heels to pose some more and point her toes at the camera!

Next we see her in a French maid outfit with shiny offblack STW PH and black opentoe platforms! She struts about and pulls her dress up and down and bends over before sitting back to slip her shoes on and off and pose her pretty legs and feet in the air. Putting the shoes back on she crosses and uncrosses her legs to pose them long and slow before sliding the dress off! She poses and bends over some more and pulls her hose up and down then gets on the couch to pose till the end! Nice show!

47 mins. Partial nudity. Order code TAM-D